Ranch Horse Pleasure

The new APHA approved class for everyone
who thought they didn't have a Show Horse...
or a horse to show!

UPHC is excited to be offering the newly approved Ranch Horse Pleasure class at all 2014 UPHC shows,* but what exactly is Ranch Horse Pleasure?

Ranch horse Pleasure is a nice change of pace from the regular Western Pleasure classes and opens the door for someone who might not have the typical “specialized” horse show event horse.  Ranch Horse Pleasure horses should be presented in a more forward moving style than the typical western pleasure horse.

Ranch Horse Pleasure is a scored pattern class, but still judged on the horse’s movement.  Exhibitors work a pattern individually.  There are many different maneuvers that could be called for within the patterns—there could be spins, lead changes, extended lopes, extended trots, jogs,  and some have trail poles.  Basically the class is a little bit reining, a little bit trail, a little bit horsemanship, and a little bit western pleasure all rolled into one. 

Click here to view the sample Ranch Horse Pleasure patterns.

Who can show in the class?

 Is your horse a little fast for the Western Pleasure or a little small for the Hunter Under Saddle? Do you have a Western Rider, Reiner or Trail horse that you would like to show in another event?  Then this class is for you! 

Hoof black, mane banding and tail extensions are not allowed.  Clipping inside ears and silver on saddles & tack is discouraged.  Also, you may not cross enter the regular western pleasure class if you are entering the Ranch Horse Pleasure.
You can get a preview of the class at the Horse Expo demonstration by AQHA Professional Horseman, Marty Simper, Friday, March 14th at 5:45 pm or Saturday, March 15th at 5:00 pm.
Marty will also be giving a clinic/demonstration at the first UPHC Back to Basics show being held at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park March 22-23.  The clinic will be on Friday before the show (6:00) pm  and is free of charge.
So come on out and try the new Ranch Horse Pleasure class!  You and your horse will really enjoy it!
*APHA Ranch Horse Pleasure Approval is effective 4/1/2014 so the Ranch Horse Pleasure Class at the Back to Basics 1-March 22-23 Show will be Open—All Breed, but WILL count for UPHC Year End Awards.