FORMS 101 - Horse Show Entry Forms

The paperwork required to enter a horse show can seem overwhelming at first, especially when you are new to horse showing; but to experienced show competitors, this is the same basic information requested on just about any entry form, for any breed association in any state.  You need it in order to properly enter every horse show.

There are a few different ways you can enter classes for the show. You can do it online, by fax, email or regular mail, but personally, the online entry is my preferred method.  I do realize not everyone can or likes to enter online, so any of the above ways are just fine.  Just be sure to do it by the published entry deadline to avoid late entry fees.

It's helpful to have pictures of your registration papers and membership cards on your phone, or make yourself an index card and carry it in your purse or wallet,  or a notebook if you are a trainer, so you have the information you need  readily available when you start to enter the show.  This is the information needed in order to submit complete and accurate show records to the various breed associations.  Even though it may seem inconvenient to go find your horse's registration papers, or your amateur card number (and is it expired?),  just imagine how inconvenient it would be to have to do that for every horse and exhibitor at the show!

So, since we are at the beginning of  a new show season and 7 out of 10 (70%) of entries received so far have missing information, I thought it might help to give everyone a friendly reminder and explain some of the things that are routinely left off or incorrectly submitted on the show entry form.

Name of Horse:

This is your horse's REGISTERED name, not his barn name.  You won't believe how many people call their horse Red or Oliver or Sam or Chip or Legs or etc, etc.

Horse's Registration Number:

Located on your horse's registration papers, this is the way all your horse's show records are tracked for any breed of horse on a national level and most club's year end points as well.  It's extremely important!  If your horse is registered with multiple breed associations, be sure you are supplying the correct registration number for the classes you are entering.

Year Foaled:

Another item for identification of your horse.  It tells us how old your horse is and in some classes (Junior/Senior or halter) it matters alot!


Mares are not allowed to show in the Gelding halter class and vice versa!  Also, if you check the gelding box and your horse's registration papers say your horse is a stallion, that can be a red flag to the show secretary if the horse is entering a halter class or being ridden by a youth or novice.  Help the show secretary help YOU by supplying complete information!  So...mark the box.

Owner & Relationship to Owner:

It's important to know who owns the horse and if they are related to the exhibitor or not.  Most breeds recognize immediate relationships as: spouse, parent, child, sister, brother, aunt , uncle, in-law, grandparent/grandchild, 'self' if the owner & exhibitor are the same person or 'none' if the owner and exhibitor are not related, as in a trainer.  I can try to guess what your relationship is, but husbands and wives don't always have the same last names, and children of all ages can and frequently do have a different name than their parent. (Alas, the show secretary is over 50 and doesn't always remember!)

Address, Email & Phone Information:

This one's easy!  Most people do know their own address and phone number and don't even have to go look it up.  If you are a trainer filling out the form on behalf of a client, please do include the owner's address & phone number, or if you are acting as agent, you may use your own. 

We really do need this information in case we need to contact someone before, during or after the horse show.  It helps clubs in promoting future shows and activities, too!  Breed associations require it for anyone buying a new membership as well and it helps identify people who may even have the same name.

Breed Membership ID # and Expiration:

Next to the horse's registration number, this information is most likely left off the form.  If you don't have a current APHA/AQHA/PtHA/NSBA etc. membership, Amateur/Novice card or Youth/Novice card, you can leave it blank  or enter "Pending" if you have applied for one and haven't received  your card yet.   You may also pay for new or renewal  memberships at the show.  Most breeds/associations  do require both the owner and exhibitor be members (except AQHA only requires the exhibitor be a member).  Again, this can be done at the show if you need to.

DOB is Date of Birth:

That's your birthday!  Many high point awards are tracked using your age.  If we don't have your birthday, you won't show up on any high point totals linked to an age group.  Also helps us HELP YOU make sure you are entering the correct class.

Birthday is required for all Youth and Amateur exhibitors.  I know I can find it on Facebook, but please don't make me.  I get easily distracted by all the pictures and start gabbing with all my friends.

Note:  Just to mention a couple of other items here because I do get  questions regarding horse transfers & leases.  We cannot process a transfer or a lease at a show.  Both of these must be processed through the breed associations in time to have your certificate at the show.  

Now...if you are still reading this, and are one of the people who ALWAYS fill in ALL the information on the form (yes, there are a few of you out there!)  THANK YOU!The extra time you took is very much appreciated!  And for the rest of you THANK YOU, TOO!  for filling in all the holes on your NEXT entry form!

And... if you ever do need to submit a form with missing information, (I know, sometimes it happens) just type a quick note to let me know you are aware of the missing information and will have it available at the show, or please feel free to call me if I can help!

Thanks everyone!! Can't wait to see you all at the show!